Opera, and Children's Shows

Dan has written a huge amount of plays and musical shows for children in his role as the Creative Arts Director of Abingdon House School, a special needs school in Marylebone. Outside this he has written 2 comic operas on scientific subjects. The first The Homosexual Necrophiliac Duck Opera took flight privately as the centrepiece performance of the IgNobel Tour at Imperial College, London in 2014. Its official world premiere was at the Tete a Tete Opera Festival in 2015. It's not what he says, it's how deep it goes, the first opera ever about sexual attraction and voice pitch, was written for the sexual attraction series of Lates at the Natural History Museum in 2016. His lastest opera She said the 'F' Word took place at RADA Studios. The final opera in the 2017 Tete a Tete Opera Festival. He has written the music and lyrics to The Christmas Sisters. A children's show about different international and religious festivals, which has played to primary school in the London area. He also wrote the music for a mimed dance show Monty and Mirabella which has been performed over 100 times in almost as many venues.


She said the 'F' word

World premier at the 2017 Tete a Tete Opera Festival

An opera about the trials of getting your child ready for school in the morning. 'All they have to do is poo, eat get dressed and get out of the house. What can go wrong?' Starring mum, dad, the child, the aunt, her trombone communicating girlfriend and the nosey next door neighbour.

It's not what he says, it's how deep it goes.

World premier at the Natural History Museum

Based on the scientific paper Dominance and the evolution of sexual dymorphism in human voice pitch. This is the first opera on the subject of sexual attraction and voice pitch. A young female is subjected to a survey about which voice of the three male subjects she prefers. A sex starved sociologist is running the experiment for the sole reason of finding herself a satisfactory mate, while her incompetent lab technician lusts after her. After a chaotic Latin American dance routine, it all ends happily.

The Homosexual Necrophiliac Duck Opera

A setting of Kee Moeliker's IgNobel Award winning paper - The first case of homosexual necrophila in the mallard. Duck.

The opera is set for high voice plus chorus, with contemporary dancers interpreting actions of the two ducks. A mixture of flowing, poetic body movements and extreem sexual violence. The performances begins with a talk given by Prof. Moeliker about his historic paper.



by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman

Music by Dan Gillingwater